About Lucia Malyn


I remember my wish when I was a child which was to be HAPPY…

…I instinctively knew that being happy would mean that everything else is as it should be.
Being a daughter of the 80’s, before the internet with its instant information, I tried to navigate myself towards my goal to be happy. I put conditions in my mind, which needed to be fulfilled so I could feel happy. I worked hard trying to reach them. Life had different ideas and I found obstacles in my way. Instead of feeling happier, I experienced bitter pain and disappointment. Many years later, I can appreciate that the most painful experiences helped me to grow personally the most. I understand now that I can feel happy anytime if I wish it.
I would like to share with you my stories of hitting rock bottom, and as a result becoming much stronger.  This led me onto a much better life path of living in foreign countries, traveling, meeting the love of my life, having my dream home and unleashing my creative talents of writing and painting.
My current ambition is to find the way to follow my passions and fulfill my dream of becoming a full-time author and artist, taking people into fantasy worlds filled with happiness and light.
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