Exhibition offer for my paintings in Italy!

This morning, on our way home to Austria, we made our usual stop at our friend’s beautiful family owned wine farm in Friuli. We chatted away and my husband was showing our friend some pictures from our holiday in Tuscany on his phone. By accident he showed some photographs of some of my paintings, which our friend got interested in. He said when I have more of them, I could exhibit in their gorgeous cantina. Wow!!! This was so unexpected! The thought that I could have my paintings shown in his beautiful iconic wine farm in Italy, would never had entered my mind in a million years.
This is too good to be true! Surely, I asked him if he was serious. He said yes, of course! They are hosting exhibitions there and also weddings, so I would need to wait for the wedding season to be over. This is great, as I need time to create the paintings. It is wonderful that there is no hard deadline, so I can take my time and get creative.
During our stay in Tuscany, I thought that I am spending a lot of time on my writing and that I should do something about my painting. I feel so humbled about this unexpected window of opportunity that had just opened for me. You really don’t know what is just behind the corner. Something amazing can happen any time, far better than what you were expecting 🙂


A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. – Ghandi



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