Writing in Tuscany


Hello again from picturesque Tuscany 🙂
… Yesterday I spent around four hours sitting in the olive grove outside our Tuscan holiday apartment working on my novella, from time to time disturbed by a friendly fluffy puppy 🙂
It was great to have the time to read all the chapters in one go and correct some small discrepancies in the story. I was so engrossed in my novella, that I didn’t realise that I was burning my knees… yes, it takes some skill to do this 😉
My plan was to edit the epilogue today according to the notes I made yesterday… However, we decided to go to visit nearby Pistoia and the editing plan went out the window. Pistoia completely surpassed our expectations. It was a market day, full of colours and energising buzz, set in a gorgeous medieval setting.  We didn’t even mind the rain.
Polishing of the epilogue will have to wait a bit, enjoying our last day in lovely Tuscany was worth it




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