Tuscan Holiday and Writing


Greetings from beautiful Tuscany 🙂
We reached Tuscany on Sunday and before I got to writing my novella ‘properly’ today (Thursday) I felt the need to do this first:
  • Write a poem – my first ever poem! It started to urgently write itself as we were crossing the Italian Alps, the views were breathtaking…
  • Write a blog about the poem – I wanted to share the poem, so I polished it and polished it again, read about how to write poems, opted for the ‘free verse’ as I didn’t like the rules and uploaded it in my blog…
  • Chill in the garden – finally some sunshine after a cold spell in Austria, I couldn’t get enough and I burned my forehead a little bit…
  • Do yoga – at last I had time to stretch a bit and relieve the tension in my body…
  • Cycle – cycled a couple of times with hubby, it is so hilly here, but it is good exercise…
  • Eat out – it is great to stumble upon places to eat, you can’t go wrong anywhere in Italy, but you may eat far too many pizzas in one day …
  • Visit Florence – we had to go this time and it was worth it. I loved the architecture, it is so majestic…
So, today I found some time to write and I am pleased that I finished my last chapter of my novella. Yippee! Tomorrow I plan to finish off the epilogue and start to read it as a whole, to ensure that it flows nicely. This is very exciting!



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