Story Ten: My Bold and Colorful Dreams

NOW, in my mid-thirties, I know what I am passionate about and I am happy. It was a painful journey to get here, but exactly because of this I do appreciate everything that much more. I am grateful that my life had not been an easy sailing which I wanted it to be. I am glad that my initial plan for my happiness didn’t work out. My life took me onto a much better path of living in foreign countries, traveling, meeting the love of my life and having my dream home in a beautiful Austrian countryside. If any of my stories were different, I wouldn’t be sitting in my sunlit Garden Room right now watching black birds playfully fighting on the green grass glittering from the morning dew… and feeling completely happy.
Now that I had discovered my passion for writing fiction and painting, my journey continues. I am slowly finishing my first book which I would love to see published. I would also like to start selling my paintings. My dream is to be a full-time author and artist. It will be an electrifying journey and an interesting one as I still need to work full-time at the same time. I will be sharing how this is going under Becoming Author & Artist section.
I am looking forward to sharing my future stories with you of following my passions and fulfilling my bold and colourful dreams.

“Follow your heart and your dreams will come true.” ―  Anonymous




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