Story Nine: Help Towards Happiness Lights

DURING a conference where I was sent to from work, 34 years old and restless, I chose two workshops which changed my life. At the time I felt devastated, I was not getting pregnant and I was also losing a lot of energy in a job where I was successful, however, one which I didn’t enjoy.
At this one workshop we were “forced” to meditate in a group for 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt and how calming the experience was. I was hungry for more and I made a conscious decision to turn my logical brain off. I tried different types of meditations since then and I found the ones which are working for me. During my meditations I calm down, I get centred and my mind is sharp. I get brilliant ideas and inspirations for my creative projects.
The second workshop introduced me to the power of our thoughts and our energies. It sprang me into researching the topics further when I got home. I appreciate now that I need to master my own mind and thoughts to look after my own energy levels. Self-love is an important ingredient, as it creates a mind-set which is caring and positive. Practising mindfulness is also priceless in the mix, as I now take care of my thoughts, I am not dwelling on the past and I am not worrying about the future.
As a result of working on myself for some time now, I slowed down, I created time for ME and I started to appreciate living in the present. I feel happy and I appreciate the smallest things. After all these years, I discovered my passions! They were dormant up until now due to my busyness. I will talk about them in my story ten.
I am thankful now for all the circumstances, even though they were extremely difficult for me at the time. They really pushed me and in return I received the greatest gift. The gift which helped me to pause, to start loving myself, to appreciate living in the now and to do what I feel passionate about, in short, it helped me towards my happiness lights.

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