Story Seven: Unbelievable, My Mr Right!


FRESHLY divorced and close to my 25th birthday I finally saw the cycle I was entangled in. It wasn’t pretty and I wanted out of it. I didn’t want to be in a victim mode anymore and attract the wrong men, actually I reached the point where I didn’t want to attract anybody. I started appreciating myself more, enjoying company of my friends, just being happy and grateful for the smallest things. When I started pursuing my own happiness, that’s when my friend invited me to her birthday party and I met my Mr Right. Everything suddenly fell into the place and I couldn’t believe that:

  1. James and I both fell in love with each other at the first sight (you can’t make these things up!)

  2. We were inseparable since the first moment that we met and within the first hour I told James everything about myself (and he didn’t think I was a nutcase, no he thought that I was amazing!)

  3. He sent me a good morning text message early the next day (no games of waiting like before!)

  4. We met for a date the next day and we spent the whole day talking about everything (and walked half of London in doing so!)

  5. I have never felt happier, I knew from the first moment that this was ‘It’ (and there would be no more searching!)

It was and it is still too good to be true. At the time I thought that if I knew that I would meet James, I would just wait and didn’t bother with anyone else. I know now that every experience however painful had to take place, so I could meet James and appreciate what I have now with him. If I took a different turn in my story, we would have never met. Sometimes when we are amidst the worst pain, we don’t see the reason behind it happening, it is only with time that we recognise it. I learned many things from my earlier stories and I can now honestly say that I don’t regret any of them and that I wouldn’t change any of them. I am grateful that all my earlier stories taken place and paved the way for me to meet my Mr Right.  


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