Story Three: Drunken Encounter

ALMOST 19 years old, I was readying myself to go back home in four weeks, after Au Pairing in the UK for ten months. I couldn’t wait to be back where I belonged and to pursue my hunt for happiness that I had so abruptly put on hold. One evening in a night club I met a British guy (I will call him Jim). He was very drunk and asked me for my telephone number. Being very flattered and as no one had ever asked me for my number before, I gave it to him without thinking. Unknown to me at the time, this one decision would prove to change the course of my life.
I was surprised when the lady I worked for passed the family phone to me and said it was Jim. We agreed to met later that week and to be honest, I didn’t remember Jim being so far away from being my type, but I thought it wouldn’t matter for improving my English. In the four weeks that I had left in the UK we kept meeting and as this was the first time that a guy liked me and I sort of liked him back, I gave in and we started to date. By the time it came to say good bye forever, we were very much infatuated with each other. Saying good bye was extremely painful. We were at the beginning of a relationship, where you want to be together all the time and this forced break up felt excruciating.
We kept in touch and Jim actually came to visit me and it was then when I thought that being together was more important than pursuing my original plan and I decided to return to the UK. I put my plan of going to university on hold. Two months later I was back in the UK, working for the same great family. Jim and I were meeting on the weekends as he found a good job in London and had to move. It was painful not to be together every day, it was painful to lose my friends because Jim didn’t like any of them and our quarreling pained me also. There were so many signs in the relationship already, but I didn’t listen to my inner voice, because I didn’t want to and I thought that it will all work out.
The time came again to say good bye as my visas were expiring and my country wasn’t in the EU at the time. We joked with Jim that we would need to get married to be together. Our rebellious streaks inside were considering this quite seriously. We wanted to rebel against the system and we did. My story four ‘Wedding Mess’ will talk about it.
If I had never met Jim, I wouldn’t be where I am now, I would be a completely different person. Our relationship was far from ideal, but I appreciate now all the learning I got from it. At some moments I felt like my heart was literally breaking, but I know now that it was becoming stronger to face the challenges that would be coming my way later.



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